SkypePOP for Dynamics CRM is a simple application to bridge the gap between CRM and Incoming/Outgoing Phone Calls from your Skype/Lync Phone system.

As calls are detected through your Skype or Lync applications, customer information and phone call activities are automatically popped instantly on your screen.

Incoming and outgoing calls instantly pop matching information in CRM like contact information, sales leads and phone call activities.  Your team don’t need to do a thing when a call comes in.  SkypePOP instantly pops up the customer information and auto fills out a CRM Activity record with the time of the call – ready to enter notes and save.

Version 3.0 of SkypePOP has new functionality around the CRM Call Activity records and actively tracks your time on the phone, writing this information back in to the CRM Activity when you hang up the call.  This new functionality opens up a whole new level of reporting around how much time your team spend on the phone with your opportunities, customers and suppliers.

Simplify the experience of inbound calls for your team and enforce capturing key information about your clients and suppliers.

  • Improve your customer experience by instantly popping CRM Contacts or Account windows from incoming or outgoing Skype/Lync calls.  Save up to 90 seconds per call.
  • Pop up Sales Lead and Opportunity information for Sales staff, shortening your sales cycle.
  • Increase the adoption of your CRM by automatically creating CRM Phone Call Activities.  Simply enter the phone call comments and save the record.
  • Reduce the risk of customer data not being logged in CRM.  Ensure the call is captured by popping the activity window, ready for notes capture.
  • Get Real-time Reporting in CRM Dashboards of your business. Get a deeper understanding of how your staff interact with Customers and Suppliers.
  • New with Version 3.0, track the time your staff spend online with customers by automatically updating the call activity duration when the phone call ends.
  • Connect your Dynamics CRM platform with Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync, Office 365 or Skype for Desktop with one simple low cost application.
  • You can easily control the way calls pop up or log the activity in your CRM system to cater for all different scenarios in your business.